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Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination Committee
Link Page
This page contains a listing of links to other Amateur frequency coodination bodies and related information.

This information has been compiled for reference only and does not constitute any endorsement of these bodies by ARCA or its coordination committee.

The National Frequency Coordination Council
The NFCC certifies coordination bodies and in conjunction with the ARRL provides a national point of contact for the FCC.

Texas VHF-FM Society

Northern Amateur Relay Council of California

Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Assn.

220 Spectrum Management Assn. of Southern CA

Two Meter Area Spectrum Management Assn

Kansas Amateur Repeater Council

Western Washington Amateur Relay Association

Area Repeater Coordination Council (E. PA & NJ)

New England Spectrum Management Council

Southeastern Repeater Assn.

Florida Repeater Council

Utah VHF Society

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Despite the name -- National Packet Radio listings are available here

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