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Welcome to the web site of the
Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination Committee
a subcommittee of the
Amateur Radio Council of Arizona

We interface with and cooperate with adjacent state certified coordinators for all near border coordinations.

The 2020 repeater owners' meeting was held online on Sat, Jul 25, 2020.

The Frequency Coordination Committee e-mail address is:
coordinators at!
This address is valid for ALL the coordinators. Please include in the subject line of your e-mail a reference to the coordinator you wish to contact.

Please do not post this address on any web page without express permission from the coordination committee. However, you may freely link to this web page.

The Frequency Coordination Committee of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona is a group of volunteer amateur radio operators who work to provide coordination services to the amateur radio community in Arizona. Coordination is performed for vhf and uhf frequencies to be used for repeater, digital and point to point operations. This service is available for amateur radio frequencies from 29 MHz and up.

The chairperson of the committee is appointed by the ARCA membership and is ratified by the repeater owners at their annual meeting each July at the Williams hamfest. The chairperson of the committee then choses the remainder of the coordinators.
Coordination policies are also made or revised at the repeater owners meeting.

The FCC gives preference to coordinated repeaters in interference situations (part 97.205), so it is to the advantage of anyone wishing to construct a repeater in the Amateur Radio Service to avail him or herself of the work of a NFCC certified coordinator serving the area where the repeater will be located.

The Frequency Coordination Committee of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona is a charter member of the NFCC (The National Frequency Coordinator's Council)

This page is brought to you by the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona. The Council is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Arizona. In other words -- nobody makes any money on this!
We ask that you support our effort by making a small donation. You can send checks to the ARCA post office box at:

16845 N 29th Ave., #312
Phoenix, AZ 85053-3041

Do NOT send applications to this address!
Send applications via email to the coordinaton committee's address listed on the Coordinators page.

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